A podcast examining our ever-changing trust in automation and emerging technologies.

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Redefining Trust in the Age of Automation

Hosted by Jennifer Strong, SHIFT is a new weekly podcast taking a closer look at the far-reaching impact of automation on our daily lives. From policy to process, we seek to understand how lives are changing alongside rapid breakthroughs in frontier technologies and artificial intelligence. Join us as we navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by this reshaped reality.


The Commercially-Charged Era of Drone Warfare

Advances in off the shelf commercial technologies have helped manufacturers build complex war machines at much lower prices. It’s changed how drone combat works and who can wage it. This episode, we examine the implications on international security and everyday life.

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Created by the award-winning team of journalists behind In Machines We Trust and other top technology podcasts, SHIFT takes listeners up close with the inventors and founders whose ambitions are fueling the development of new forms of human-computer interaction.

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