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Our award-winning team of journalists retain over two decades of extensive expertise in the technology and media landscape.

From policy to process, we seek to understand how lives are changing alongside rapid breakthroughs in frontier technologies and artificial intelligence. The most talked about issues in tech—deepfakes, bias, explainability, privacy—all have trust as a common denominator. We help our listeners unpack the nuance around how trust is augmented in an age of automation.

Delivered weekly, our show format blends "show me" journalism with a mix of fireside chats, oral histories, narrative storytelling, and documentary-style investigations. We bring you intimate conversations with innovators, scientists, policymakers and entrepreneurs–often taped in labs and research hubs that advance an understanding of what’s really happening.

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Jennifer Strong

Jennifer Strong is a journalist covering the impact of frontier technologies on the way we live and work. She’s the creator of several top science and tech podcasts for newsrooms that include ProPublica, The Wall Street Journal, and MIT Technology Review.

Her reporting has been recognized by awards juries dozens of times, including six Webby and three Ambie, or Podcast Academy Award, nominations. Her narrative podcasts were finalist selections at the New York Festivals for the last two years, and a finalist for Podcast of the Year by The Drum Awards in London for a taping she did inside an experimental fighter plane.

Strong previously led long-form audio for The Wall Street Journal where she created and hosted the first three seasons of WSJ’s The Future of Everything, and where she was also an architect of the paper’s first digital audio efforts in the mid-2000s. As a radio anchor for Dow Jones, she hosted one of the very first newsroom podcast series, WSJ’s Tech News Briefing.

Strong has also produced a business show for NPR and reported on national security topics for PRI. She’s been a keynote stage host and moderator at the United Nations General Assembly, SXSW, Web Summit, Bio, Emtech, AI for Good Global Summit, The Future of Everything Festival, and many others.


Anthony Green

Anthony Green is an accomplished, award-winning science and technology journalist who focuses on the ways in which frontier technologies like artificial intelligence are augmenting legacy systems and socioeconomic infrastructure. He has produced in-depth and investigative news content as well as captivating and interactive features on companies, organizations and systemic issues.

His work has been recognized by numerous awards juries, including six Webby and three Ambie (Podcast Academy Award) nominations. His production work for narrative podcasts were finalist selections at the New York Festivals for the last two years, and a finalist for Podcast of the Year by The Drum Awards in London. He was the producer for In Machines We Trust, a podcast about artificial intelligence and the automation of everything from MIT Technology Review. His past work includes contributions to Vox Media, NPR affiliates, and The Wall Street Journal, where he produced WSJ’s The Future of Everything—winner of the 2019 Webby for “Best Tech Podcast,” the New York Press Club Award for “Best Podcast,” and an iHeartRadio Podcast Awards finalist.


Emma Cillekens

Emma Cillekens worked with ProPublica as a researcher on the Peabody, Polk, and Goldsmith award-winning investigation Lost Mothers that was also a Pulitzer Prize finalist. She won a New York Emmy for the multimedia series Finding Sanctuary, and she led the research and production of the audio miniseries The Price of Climate for The Wall Street Journal. She’s the co-creator of MIT Technology Review’s AI podcast In Machines We Trust and she served as managing producer of its Extortion Economy podcast with ProPublica. Cillekens began her career reporting for daily newspapers in Australia before making the shift to Australian public radio where she worked as a host and producer for six years. She moved to New York in 2016 and has freelanced for WNYC, NPR, BBC, Bloomberg, and The Guardian. She's a graduate of NYU's Studio 20, a leading graduate program in digital media innovation, and has both business and journalism degrees from the Queensland University of Technology.


Garret Lang

Garret Lang is an audio producer, audio engineer, composer, and performer from Los Angeles. He currently works as a freelance podcast mixer, musician, and manages the Knobworld recording studio in Echo Park. He established himself as an audio producer while working on the award-winning show Marketplace from American Public Media. Over his 8 years with APM, his responsibilities ranged from recording interviews in studio and in the field, live-mixing shows for national and international audiences, and mixing and mastering content for the radio and web. Since then, he has worked extensively on the ESPN Daily Podcast, Inside Voice by Lake Bell and Pushkin Industries, as well as Curious Coincidence and other popular shows with NPR, Consumer Reports, and Crooked Media. Most recently, he worked on MIT Technology Review’s In Machines We Trust as the composer and mixer. In addition to his work in the podcast and radio arena, he is an accomplished bassist with many studio and live performance credits. In the fall of 2022, he with he toured with Grammy award-winner Madison Cunningham.