Live: Delivering Education During Crisis

How advances in education tech and AI programs for learning might help children in crisis.

Potentially a quarter billion children worldwide lack access to an education. Advances in education tech and AI programs for learning can help students who have access to tools and internet. This episode, we bring you a conversation with members of the International Rescue Committee, an aid group developing tailored learning experiences for children in crisis. It was taped before a live audience at Web Summit, Europe’s largest tech conference, in Lisbon, Portugal.

We Meet:

Atish Gonsalves, Global Lead for Research & Innovation in Education, International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Morena Baccarin, Actor, IRC Ambassador

Sara Wayne Callies, Actor, IRC Ambassador


The show is produced by Jennifer Strong and Anthony Green with help from Emma Cillekens. It’s mixed by Garret Lang, with original music from him and Jacob Gorski. Art by Anthony Green.

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